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Pabitra Banerjee

Undergraduate Computer Science Major
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Pabitra Banerjee

Student at Manbhum Mahavidyalaya

Pabitra Banerjee is a Full-Stack AI Engineer with some knowledge of Blockchain Technology and a tech enthusiast. He is the Founder & CEO of MB WEBBER’S, a Software Development company based on Manbazar, Purulia, West Bengal. He is the Founder & CEO of some more companies based on Manbazar, like — Code Explorer, Dev Line Community, etc. He is working actively to spread Science & Technology to the common people. He is very fond of Astrophysics & Mathematics. He writes actively about Astrophysics and latest space missions by all of the space agencies on Universal Space Missions.



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Frameworks / Technologies

Personal Projects

Interstellar Armada: Galactic Ace is a free, Open Source browser-based 3D space combat simulator developed in JavaScript-WebGL by Pabitra Banerjee.

A responsive chatbot app for Chrome and the web built with RESTful API calls to wikipedia's APIs.

I developed the frontend of Stack Overflow using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It features a responsive design, interactive elements, and a user-friendly interface for an enhanced coding community experience.

Pyconda Programming Language

PyConda is a simple, Python-based programming language designed for ease of use and extensibility. With PyConda, you can write and execute code in a straightforward and intuitive manner.

I developed a Free VPN Finder extension for Microsoft Edge using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It utilizes APIs for VPN services, providing users with seamless and secure VPN options directly in their browser.

Idx Dark Theme is a stunning dark theme for Visual Studio Code, inspired by Google's IDX design. With vibrant colors and thoughtful design, it enhances coding, boasting 2.8k downloads.

This web view showcases the structure of a carbon atom, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It visually represents atomic components, offering an educational and interactive experience for users.

I created a beautiful and fully functional web browser using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It boasts a sleek design, seamless navigation, and essential browsing features for an optimal user experience.

Clash of Space is a cloned version game of the original Radius Raid of js13kGames (A JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 Game Developers) which is a popular game for kids. A space craft shooting game built with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. It's a desktop version game, so can be played only in desktop/laptop.

JS-DSA is a comprehensive collection of data structures and algorithms implemented in JavaScript. This project is designed to be a helpful resource for developers, students, and anyone interested in learning about data structures and algorithms through practical JavaScript examples.

2023 - 2027 (June)

Manbhum Mahavidyalaya

B.Sc. Computer Science

Overall CGPA: 7.35

  • Relevant Courses
    • Computer Fundamentals and Programming using C
    • Data Structures & Algorithms
    • Computer Organization and Computer Architecture
    • Database Management Systems
    • Operating Systems
    • Cloud Computing
    • Cyber Security
    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Work Experience
June 2022 - Present


Founder & CEO

  • As Founder & CEO at MB WEBBER’S, I lead and oversee all aspects of the web development start-up company. Your responsibilities include setting the vision and direction, making strategic decisions, managing operations, fostering growth, and ensuring the success of the company.
June 2022 - Present


Full Stack Web Developer

  • As a Full Stack Web Developer at my web development start-up company, my role is crucial in building and maintaining dynamic websites and web applications. I am responsible for both the frontend and back-end development, handling tasks such as designing user interfaces, writing clean code, integrating databases, and implementing functionalities.
  • My responsibilities also include collaborating with the team to understand project requirements, conducting thorough testing and debugging, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality, responsive, and scalable web solutions. My expertise in various programming languages, frameworks, and technologies enables me to create seamless user experiences and contribute to the growth and success of my clients' online presence.
August 2022 - Present

Code Explorer

Founder & CEO

  • Trying to encourage students to learn programming.
  • I teach around 30 plus students , for free of cost in my home.
  • Formed a team of several students , friends & seniors to work on a Machine Learning & Deep Learning based AI Model.
October 2022 - Present

<Dev Line Community />

Founder and CEO

  • Trying to make a platform and build a community for programmer around my mother land.
  • I reached to 57 programmers from different places of my home district Purulia, West Bengal, India.
  • I am trying to make a platform where all the programmers can share their knowledge and can learn from each other.
February 2023 - Present

Craft Space

Chief Technological Officer

  • This is an E-Commerce start-up company deals with different Hand Made Crafts of the districts of our state West Bengal . As a CTO , here my task is to design & develop the website , maintain the website , manage payments , manage products and continuously try to develop new features for the website . Now I’m trying to develop a very intelligent chatbot for the website , and trying to develop an android application .
2022 - Present

Freelance Developer

Just me, myself, and I.

  • Worked on a wide range of projects from Windows software to responsive web apps using Python, C++, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a world wide audience (Interstellar Armada for example).
  • In charge of promoting applications with little to no cost by contacting software vendors (CNET, Softpedia, ...) , SEO, and spreading through social media.
  • Assisted users through software issues and troubleshooting remotely.
Extra Curricular Activities
2023 - Present
  • Wrote some books on Astrophysics and Programming & Personal Interests.
  • Have created a ton of songs and published them on all the platforms.