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Pabitra Banerjee. Student By Day, Developer By Night.

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Currently a computer science student, and a teaching guide at Code Explorer, where I try to help peoples to study Computer Science.

My main interests include Cloud Technology, Distributed Systems, and Cyber Security. On the side, I also study about UI/UX and build Full-Stack Web Applications.

I also love traveling, writing, and spending hours crafting new music.


The things I work with.

I love to learn and work with new frameworks and languages. In the past, I have worked on projects that explored the functionality of operating system specific applications to web frameworks. You can view some of my works here or head over to my LinkedIn & Github profile.

Below are some of the languages that I enjoy using for developing web apps.

Web Development

Below are the languages I use for general software development and testing out ideas.

General Programming

As for graphics, I design a lot of the icons and splash images for my applications.

Below are some other things that you might want to know.



projects completed


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hours of coding on the train

My background in more detail.

Some of my Works

Below are just a few of the major projects that I have worked on in the past. I have worked with a wide range of applications ranging from AI-ML Projects to Games to browser extensions to IDE Tools to New Programming Language to library/package for popular programming languages like Python and JavaScript to fully responsive Web Applications.

Tap or hover over projects below to view more detail.




> Interstellar Armada

Interstellar Armada: Galactic Ace is a free, Open Source browser-based 3D space combat simulator developed in JavaScript-WebGL by Pabitra Banerjee.




> Sunday

A responsive chatbot app for Chrome and the web built with RESTful API calls to wikipedia's APIs.



> Stack-Overflow

I developed the frontend of Stack Overflow using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It features a responsive design, interactive elements, and a user-friendly interface for an enhanced coding community experience.



New Programming Language

> Pyconda Programming Language

PyConda is a simple, Python-based programming language designed for ease of use and extensibility. With PyConda, you can write and execute code in a straightforward and intuitive manner.

Microsoft Edge

> Free VPN Finder

I developed a Free VPN Finder extension for Microsoft Edge using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It utilizes APIs for VPN services, providing users with seamless and secure VPN options directly in their browser.


IDE Theme


> IDX Dark Theme

Idx Dark Theme is a stunning dark theme for Visual Studio Code, inspired by Google's IDX design. With vibrant colors and thoughtful design, it enhances coding, boasting 2.8k downloads.



> Carbon Atom Structure

This web view showcases the structure of a carbon atom, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It visually represents atomic components, offering an educational and interactive experience for users.



> Web Browser

I created a beautiful and fully functional web browser using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It boasts a sleek design, seamless navigation, and essential browsing features for an optimal user experience.



> Clash Of Space

Clash of Space is a cloned version game of the original Radius Raid of js13kGames (A JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 Game Developers) which is a popular game for kids. A space craft shooting game built with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. It's a desktop version game, so can be played only in desktop/laptop.

Let's Talk

If you're looking to collaborate on awesome projects or looking for a kickass developer, feel free to drop me a line.

 Pabitra Banerjee

Freelance Web / Software Developer